Some pictures and colour rough I did for the Christmas advert for Sainsbury's "The Greatest Gift", directed by Sam Fell (director of Paranorman) and produced by Passion Pictures.

Watch the movie here : 

All the pictures below are the property of Passion Pictures©


Des petits tests SF pour changer !


Première image d'une série sur le  thème des tornades, les "sorcières" comme on les nommait parfois dans les campagnes.


I am very exciting to share with you the teaser of A Monster Calls, a fantasy movie directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. I had the opportunity to do a lot of digital concept art and ink drawings for it and it was a really great experience. Can't wait to see the movie!




Hi there ! 
Some colours references I did for Minions movie last year.

All these pictures are the
Property of Illumination MacGuff & Universal
©Universal Pictures

Property of Illumination MacGuff & Universal
©Universal Pictures